What Is A Local Implementation Agreement

October 14, 2021 by eklose

This could be used in civil law or in the common law context, subject to local legal advice. Prepared in the context of sectoral reform as a model agreement for a Southeast Asian country. The double risk clause (13.6) sets a useful precedent for projects involving more than one agreement. Circumstances in which this Agreement may be appropriate: Provisions the repetition of which may not be desirable / further examination may be necessary: Annex 10 – full list of representations and guarantees Experience gained since its entry into force (including any amendments) / whether the draft form, if applied: Part of a series of model documents which also include the following: The agreement establishes the conditions under which the government can encourage and support for the potential project can be provided by companies involved in the project in the design, construction and operation of the power plant and the sale of energy to the utility. It also defines the obligations of the project company. . . .



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