Which Of The Following Is True About Conflict And Agreement In Organizations

April 15, 2021 by eklose

Because members of the organization work together to resolve a conflict, they are more likely to share their views with the group. Conflicts can also lead members to actively listen to each other as they work towards the goals of organizations. The method of data analysis follows the methods described below. The data analysis part answered the fundamental questions raised in the problem statement. The detailed analysis of the experience of developed and developing countries in the field of occupational health and safety in the manufacturing industry was analysed, discussed, compared and synthesized. Conflict is an inevitable reality in the workplace. Smart organizations know this and prepare their management with the right conflict management skills to manage and resolve workplace conflicts quickly and peacefully. This includes creating an open communication environment within your unit by encouraging employees to talk about work issues. Listening to staff concerns will foster an open environment. The data was collected by the company representative, aware of safety and health at work. Articles in English and Amharic language were included in this study. information on the database that has been obtained for articles and those in the field of occupational health and safety protection, such as response methods, accident detection methods, the effects of workplace accidents, the types of work-related accidents and the effects of workplace accidents , as well as diseases on the productivity and costs of the business, and which have used at least one form of feedback. No time was chosen for access to all available published documents.

Similar responses to the questionnaire were rejected as a result of data analysis. Previous conflict research in Estonia and abroad has been the most common causes of conflict due to organizational problems (limited resources and distribution, interdependence, different objectives and points of view, management errors, lack of clarity and communication problems). In conflict analysis, it is important to determine whether the conflict is resolved or not, and then we discover the values that have been used in the conflict resolution and decision-making process.



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