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April 13, 2021 by eklose

The Erasmus programme is under way in all 28 EU Member States, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey, but UACS must have an agreement with an institution for mobility to take place. UACS currently has agreements with the following universities, covering different disciplines. Learn more about our partners. All documents can be sent online (by email – erasmus.incoming@unwe.bg) or by mail to the following address: Students must send the following documents in .doc by email and .pdf to the Centre for International Relations and Mobility of UACEG: ` Application form ` Learning Agreement for Studies ` Records acquired in previous years, The Erasmus programme is open to students and postal students. If you are interested in studying in Europe, you must first check that your department is participating in the programme with our Erasmus university partners. Erasmus is open to most foreigners, but the possibilities depend on the agreements reached by your department and the sector in which you find yourself. Erasmus/international students can choose between one or two semesters of mobility between their home university and UNWE, depending on the active agreement. To be registered with UNWE, students must submit the following documents: The three signatories of the contract agree to respect all agreed agreements and thus guarantee that the student must be recognized for his studies. A scholarship agreement covering the mobility period signed between the student and his sending institution; Apprenticeship agreements focus on the in-depth preparation of mobility, integrating all elements of education and learning skills for the student`s future recognition and language skills. Most students come to Sofia at Sofia airport, central station or central bus station according to preferred transport. No matter how you get there, the easiest and fastest way to get there is the subway.

To get to Studentski Grad, you have to get off at the “G.M Dimitrov” metro station, from where you can take the No. 280 bus for 4 stops. Participation in the Erasmus programme is endless! It will improve your academic and personal development, strengthen your confidence and improve your CV. You discover a new culture, make new friends all over Europe and improve your language skills. Get out of the way! Depending on their nationality, students may be required to apply for an extended residence visa before travelling to Bulgaria. This is generally the case for non-EU nationals. Erasmus is the European Commission`s exchange programme that allows students from European countries to study part of their studies in another country. All applicants must be students of UNWE`s international university partners. Below is information on our application process and the necessary documents. Students apply for exchange mobility at their home university.

Subsequently, the original university MUST send ONE appointment (by email) to UNWE with information and contacts from the student. Insurance There are no specific insurance requirements for UACEG students. It is the responsibility of the participant in international exchange programs to ensure that they have adequate insurance coverage.



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