Tableau Creator License Agreement

April 12, 2021 by eklose

Includes: Table Desktop, Table Prep Builder and a Tableau Server Creator license. Note: The Tableau Creator license is not included with Tableau Prep Conductor, the Tableau Sever tool for Prep-Flows Table planning. Table Prep Conductor requires an additional data management license. NOTE: The Tableau Viewer license has a minimum requirement of 100 users. A Tableau Viewer license only provides access to work files, dashboards and worksheets published on Tableau Server and Tableau Online. Users can change the values in the filters (i.e. if you have a date filter or drop-down list for the location), but they can`t edit or create dashboards or worksheets. NOTE: The Tableau Online Explorer license is a little more expensive than the Tableau Server Explorer license. The Tableau Creator license is included with a web license that can be used with Tableau Server.

In table server web, location roles are assigned to users: creators, Explorers, Viewer, Site Administrator Creator, etc. A user`s role on the site determines the user`s rights. For users who only need to review reports and make minor changes, an Explorer website role may be enough. However, if users want to create a data source, they need a Creator website role and a Tableau Creator license. Tableau sells its software as a subscription service, so the cost is annual. Note that we can reassign licenses if sales are available and you want to move a license to another person. Please include a billing code and the name of your financial administrator to process the refund. As the name suggests, creator licenses are for the people responsible for creating and distributing reports in your organization.

Those who are responsible for carrying out ad hoc analyses in order to have access to important business information and trends. Often, they are created on an Excel sheet and shared by email or a reader shared with multiple stakeholders. In general, this process is complicated, chaotic and error-prone. This type of license is available for viewers in your organization. Spectators are those who use data to make achievable business decisions. These viewers can be anyone in your organization. They need data to support their analysis of facts and figures. Spectators can be anyone, from the team member to the general manager, to business manager, who wants to have a 360 view of the company. I think I`ll write another one about how to choose the license model, unless you have a few specific questions. If you want to create new data sources, you can use Tableau Prep Builder or Tableau Desktop. But remember, Tableau Desktop is only used with the Tableau Creator license.

Tableau Creator may seem expensive, but in reality it`s the same price as the desktop chart license before 2018. If you only need to access previously published data sources and make minor changes to existing work records, use the Tableau Explorer license. And if users just have to view Tableau content and change filters, the Tableau Viewer license is there for you (as long as you fill the minimum of 100 people). Overall, Tableau has completed an already great set of tools very well, and its license is now geared toward how users create, review and display data with Tableau.



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