Managed Service Provider Agreement Example

December 12, 2020 by eklose

The agreement should embody your Service Level Agreement (SLA), the prioritization process, response times, termination clause, limitation of liability and definition of support levels and your Service Desk escalation process. In addition, it should reflect your fees or fees for requested services that fall outside of the flat rate assistance. Here are the 12 most important things you should clearly define in your managerial service agreements: the key clauses above are just some of the common key clauses to include in an MSA. It is important, in the architecture of such an agreement, to ensure that not only the services provided are covered, but also that the risks incurred by the MSP are properly taken into account. If so, you`ll probably have designs to add or expand your managerial service offerings and record recurring revenues, either soon or on the road. If so, your Management Services Agreement (MSA) will be your most important transformation tool. Make sure you are not held responsible for losses or damage that are not controlled. The pandemic is a great example of how outside forces outside your control can have a rapid impact on your business and your customers. It is important that your managed service agreement takes these potential changes into account and clearly defines expectations for business relationships in times of crisis, including customer expectations.

These terms also define how your MSP is protected. If the customer is unable to make payments for purchased services or goods and the default lasts fifteen (15) days, interest is collected on an amount owed 12% per year until it is paid. In the case of the investigation procedure, in order to collect all the amounts owed from the client, the client must bear the collection costs plus reasonable legal fees. When developing the limitation of liability clause in the MSA, it should be carefully considered that the risk of liability in the event of an infringement does not outweigh the economic benefit of MSA. In the case of multi-year contracts, it is important to limit the liabilities of all fees each year to the amount the client paid each year for services, without an unutilized cap being applied to subsequent years. Another nuance is to limit the liability of each service, such as a silo, to the amount paid by the customer for the service covered by the liability. An agile MSP often has the technology to enable a relatively smooth increase and re-encadation of services, while ensuring that a large down-scaling is not just a termination right for convenience reasons, when that is not the intent of the MSP and prices have been calculated with discounts based on large voluminas over a period of several years. If your agreement is behind your offers or business requirements in terms of customer service offerings, contractual language and payment terms, it`s time to update them. The design language in this article provides additional protection for MSPs and the ability to be preventative when a customer requests changes to the service or billing while ensuring that their business is protected. Thank you so much for that.

It seems that we are far too complicated in our agreement, which will be very useful. Here`s a link to a generic agreement that you can use as a template to create your service offering. I keep the agreement simple, because in the long run, it does not help you create a confusing document, difficult for your clients to understand.



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