Framework Agreement Dict

December 9, 2020 by eklose

The preamble to the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of an international agreement (the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina) was considered by the Court to be an integral part of the text of the same Constitution. A framework agreement is the term used to describe the successful outcome of the European social dialogue. The term `framework` aims to underline the specific nature of the agreement by giving an overview of the general principles to be applied in The Member States `either in accordance with procedures and practices specific to social partners and Member States, or at the joint request of the signatory parties, by a Council decision on the Commission`s proposal` (Article 139, paragraph 2, EC). On the other hand, an agreement in the agricultural sector that has not been turned into a directive is called the Framework Agreement: the Framework Agreement on the Improvement of Paid Agricultural Employment in EU Member States, concluded by COPA/GEOPA and EFA/CES on 24 July 1997. Another result of the European social dialogue on Articles 154-155 of the TFUE is “the agreement on the protection of workers` health through the proper use of crystalline silicon dioxide and the products that contain it”. This agreement is considered to be the first European multi-sector agreement. Agreements have been reached on sectoral social dialogue, for example on working time in the sea and civil aviation sectors, which have also been turned into guidelines. However, they were not referred to as framework agreements: the European agreement on the arrangement of working time for seafarers between ecSA and FST on 30 September 1998 (revised by the Council`s 1999/63/EC Directive of 21 June 1999); the European agreement on the organisation of working time for mobile workers in civil aviation, concluded on 22 March 2000 by the ARA, EFT, ECA, ERA and IACA (converted to 2000/79/EC directive of the Council of 27 November 2000). See also the EU`s industrial relations system; European collective agreements; European social dialogue; European social partners; European social dialogue and the implementation of the agreements; Harassment and violence in the workplace Right to collective bargaining. The Commission`s communication of 26 June 2002 on European social dialogue, a force for innovation and change (COM (2002) 341 final) is in Appendix 3.

12 Consultations of the inter-sector social partners in accordance with Article 138 CE (now Article 154 DUTF) Seven European framework agreements are the result of this social dialogue: there are parallels with `framework directives`, such as the `framework directive` on health and safety (`framework directive` on health and safety (`framework directive` Council Directive 89/391/EEC on the introduction of measures to improve the safety and health of workers in the workplace), which contains “general principles” (Article 1, paragraph 2) and has given rise to “girls` guidelines” on specific risks; or the Council`s Directive 2000/78 establishing a general framework for equal treatment in employment and work and directive 2002/14/EC establishing a general framework for information and consultation of workers in the European Community. Clauses 16.4 apply to the contract if it is only a commissioning contract, a supply contract or a framework contract. If the contract is a supply contract or a framework contract, unless otherwise stated in the schedule entitled “Conditions of Reference” (if it exists), the supplier or suppliers follow the procedure described in point 8.3. Identification of measures to resolve potential conflicts of interest between the listed subsidiary and other companies in the group: measures to resolve potential conflicts of interest The framework agreement of 17 February 2017 between the company and its listed subsidiary Prosegur Cash, S.A.



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