Board Game Rental Agreement

December 4, 2020 by eklose

TMD members provide all rentals on the day of the event and return to pickup at the end of the event. Exceptions can be made for private events where there is more time for setting up/demolition. The maximum time allowed for such events is 72 hours. And that`s it! Note that we also have a fantastic board game club where you can play games in the house at any time, for only $5 per person all day. You can check out our home games library here. We also have a board game exchange program where you can exchange used board games for store credits. We even have a test game development program where you can still test board games under construction! Terms and conditions are available in the shop. A valid credit card, a government card and a membership are required to rent a game. Check out our selection on the back of the store or online.

Return the game on time and receive the rental fee refunded in sales! If you rent $50 worth of games, you will receive em on time and earn $50. Rain damage…. Rain causes considerable damage to the panels. In case of return with water damage, a replacement fee is charged to the customer. Any damage or missing components will be discussed with you as soon as they are detected. If you intend to keep your rent more than three (3) days, please inform Gamers Sanctuary. For each additional day, you will be charged one-third of your moose rent, rounded to the next dollar. If we do not hear from you and your rental (s) is not returned before the closing of the fifth day, the rents will be considered purchased and your credit card will be charged the entirety of the eie (s) game (s) and they will become your property. Free pickup/ Returns are available at all Dealt Hand events – Delivery is available in the Des Moines Metro area: Rents over $30 are free – the amounts from which have a $5 delivery fee.

If the protective covers are missing from the board, the replacement fee per pod is charged to the customer. The Dealt Hand is looking forward to offering a cheap loan program with our expanding gaming collection. Our goal is to make it easy to try games outside of our events (which will continue to be free!) while expanding our collection! We rent board games! Do you need a quick game for an event or party? Do you die to try this expensive game, but don`t want to give up all that money before you`ve played it? Try our rental program! Please take the time to read through this page before trying to rent games. The customer takes full responsibility for the damage caused by the rental during his event and agrees to pay the replacement fee of 5 times the rental price of the missing or damaged property. This responsibility also includes all storage crates, crates and/or containers, bubble wraps and protective covers on the board used to transport rented items. If the candlesticks miss the cardboard parts a fee of 25 USD per bag is charged to the customer. You`ve heard that you can now rent a board game from GS. Whether you`re a little worried if you give up $80 for a new game or are looking for something for you and a group of friends to play over the weekend, Gamers Sanctuary should be your next stop. First of all, we understand that accidents happen and that people can forget things.

If something happens or you forget to bring your rent back in time, please contact the shop.



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