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Why we need to teach with GIS:

Geo-Education: Preparation for 21st-Century Decisions:
A column by Daniel C. Edelson, Vice President for Education, National Geographic Society

Seeing Relationships
Using Spatial Thinking to Teach Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies
By Nora S. Newcombe
American Educator, Spring 2013
(PDF Version)

Why Geotechnology is Important!

Model Lessons

Exploring Africa (Exploring Africa with GIS (Klose adaptation 2013))

ESRI Handouts (Copyright ESRI)

Geographic Inquiry Process

GIS Instructional Pyramid

How to info:

ESRI Training (Teaching with GIS: Introduction to Using GIS in the Classroom) (Take this class!)

Mapping our World (Lessons to use in the classroom) (Scroll down for the online version)

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