GIS, GPS, and geotechnologies are active in West Virginia! If you are doing GIS and teaching with GIS in West Virginia, you are part of an exciting group. There are many ways to become more active with GIS in WV.

First of all, head to ArcGIS online: Make a map. Create an account. Share a map with everyone!

Take a class. ESRI offers FREE sources in using GIS. Start here: Teaching with GIS: Introduction to Using GIS in the Classroom ( If you’re interested in more courses, email me.

If you’re interested in doing more GIS, head to the WVDE GIS page ( Here, you can request the ArcGIS 10 Desktop Software and get more information about GIS trainings in WV.

There are many groups that are active in bringing GIS to WV teachers.

West Virginia Geographic Alliance

West Virginia GIS Technical Center

NASA IV&V Educator Resource Center (ERC)