Peza Agreement

April 11, 2021 by eklose

E. With regard to tourism projects, the rental of private land by a registered corporate tourism ecozone, located entirely abroad or holding more than 40% of the capital unpaid by foreigners, is granted to projects with an investment estimated at no less than $5 million (70%) Limited. three years after the implementation of the lease, this project should be infrement. In the event of a breach of this condition, the lease is deemed terminated and terminated at the end of the three-year period, unless the PEZA grants an extension for clearly justified reasons. 3. The service is provided to persons or entities exempted under special laws or international agreements to which the Philippines is subject. Following the signing of the agreement, MMSU and PEZA agreed to prepare and conclude a specific Memorandum of Understanding to ensure and meet the requirements for the creation of the SEZ Institute in the future. While some companies have made decisions with the BIR to validate their allocation base, others clearly use their internal interpretations (for example). B sales related to registered and unregistered projects, floor surfaces and staffing).

Note, however, that the allocation base is essential for BIR evaluations. The burden on PEZA companies is to demonstrate that the allocation base is reasonable and acceptable. Therefore, PEZA companies should keep documents (for example. B memorands, agreements and BIR judgments) that can justify the basis of the award. These should continue to be supported by invoices/bills issued to the company, so that they are acceptable from the BIR`s point of view. Incentives may be withdrawn in case of non-compliance with incentives – the basis of the incentives is the pezA registration agreement and the “registration contract” refers to the final agreement executed by PEZA and ECOZONE Enterprise, which specifies the conditions of their activity or economic activity within ECOZONE. In all cases where foreign and domestic goods, raw materials, supplies, goods, equipment, machinery, spare parts, goods and goods of all types have been transported from customs territory to ECOZONE or vice versa, the procedures and requirements of these goods are the subject of an agreement between PEZA and the customs office, as well as subsequent memorandums, circulars or agreements to be respected by ecoZONE. SECTION 2. Compliance with the guidelines – ECOZONE ENTREPRISE complies with the guidelines and circulars that PEZA may adopt from time to time as part of its statutory powers.



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