Church Parsonage Agreement

April 8, 2021 by eklose

PARSONAGE USE AGREEMENT Note: Check/sign a change to the rectory within a month – send a copy to The District Office Part 1. This contract for the use of parsonage (“Convention”) is from the day of _______between________________________________ 2nd PRESBYTER. As part of the pastor`s allowance to be paid by the Church and as in the corresponding form of pastoral support, the Church advises the pastor of the free use and occupation of the missouri residence at_____________________ in_________________________ (the “Parsonage”) for the duration of the pastoral reference. The “parsoning” includes the entire physical structure located at and around the address above, including devices, devices and applications that are part of the physical structure, terrain, recreation areas and facilities, garages and buildings. 3. USE. The pastor agrees that the rectory should be used and occupied as a residence for the pastor and the family, and that it should not be used for other purposes; However, provided the pastor is allowed to entertain guests for a limited period of time. The church ensures the adequacy of the rectory for use as the pastor`s residence, including the appropriate budgeting for maintenance and repairs. 4. POLICY AND RECOMMENDATIONS. Unless the written agreement has been reached by the District Chief (DS), the Pastor and the Church, the parties agree to comply with the parsonages and cash housing allowance policy and the guidelines and recommendations for residences provided by the conference, as accepted by the conference and recorded in the annual conference review. The policy on presbytery and the granting of monetary housing is incorporated into this agreement by reference and is part of this agreement. 5.

PETS. The pastor and the Church recognize that the pastor has pets that are referred to in Appendix A and must be updated annually during the annual inspection. The number of pets must not exceed the legal limits authorized by the competent municipality and/or the owners` association (HOA). The pastor acknowledges that any damage caused to the rectory by domestic animals is the sole responsibility of the pastor and is treated in the same way as other forms of damage in paragraph 7 below. 6. INSPECTION OF THE PROPERTY. Pastor agrees that the pastors and church officers inspected the rectory together before signing this agreement and found that the rectory was in good condition, safe and clean and in repair. All items that must be repaired by the church are listed in Appendix A attached to this agreement.

The Church undertakes to address these objects within the time frame agreed with the pastor and to include them in Appendix A. Pastor also agrees that the pastor will keep the rectory safe from dirt, dirt or dirt for the duration and expiry of this agreement. Pastor acknowledges that the rectory contains the appliances in the general condition of Schedule A, all of which are maintained by the pastor and returned to the owner after the premises are handed over. We often work with churches whose presbytery is unused or rented to non-members. The question of tax debt is therefore raised. The main concern is either the property tax or the unrelated business tax. 7. SURRENDER. After the pastor`s passage out of the church, the pastor agrees to return the rectory to the church in the same condition as in case of preservation, reasonable wear and with all the keys and all the distant opening devices.



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