Volvo Blue Service Agreement

December 20, 2020 by eklose

The Blue Customer Support Agreement offers preventative maintenance and inspections. Analytics tools and services such as CareTrack, Volvo Oil Analysis and MATRIS Analysis can be included to monitor your machine. With customer support agreements, you can operate quarries and build roads with maximum operating time, expertise and increased productivity. With the full support of your Volvo dealership, you can also have an impact on infrastructure in cities and countries around the world. If you and your Volvo dealer adapt a deal that best meets your needs, you`ll have access to a Volvo technician who`s trained on your machine and knows it. You will come to trust this person with the maintenance of your machine investment and with the way you make the best use of your Volvo to make you the most money. A Volvo Gold contract includes a comprehensive repair and maintenance plan for maximum operating time, accurate cost control and problem-free ownership, while a Volvo Blue contract provides the security of a maintenance and preventative service plan with all work done at a Volvo Truck dealership by manufacturer-trained technicians using original Volvo parts. The popular Volvo Blue Contract is a program of regular inspections and services to maintain your vehicle in accordance with Volvo`s recommendations. In addition to what is included in the service contract, you can choose from a number of valuable options. The exact list and content are market-specific. For more information, please contact Volvo.

The Gold Customer Support Agreement is our most comprehensive offering. This agreement provides preventative maintenance, inspections and necessary repairs by trained Volvo service technicians. Your dealer performs the same actions as a blue chord, including repair on all parts, to meet high productivity and operating time expectations. There will be no unexpected repair bills and you will have the full support of Volvo`s preventative maintenance program, where all services and inspections will be carried out to the highest standards.

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