Divorce Agreement En Francais

December 7, 2020 by eklose

NB: Spousal support is an injunction, that is, it is only paid until divorce. After the granting of the divorce, one spouse can only claim compensation (pre-station compensation) or compensation from the other spouse. This can be determined by a divorce by judicial or extrajudicial consent or by the judge in other cases. For all types of separation after separation, it can be turned into a divorce at the request of both spouses. However, when a separation of body is granted by mutual consent, it can only be converted into divorce by mutual agreement. If you and your ex-spouse are able to divorce by mutual agreement, you can draft a contract in which you settle all aspects of your divorce. You can then submit a joint application based on your draft treaty. You`re making a joint request. You do not have to give the judge the reason why you want a divorce because you agree to settle the terms of your divorce. You make your written request for the judge`s consent, one request indicating the reciprocal conditions for the duration of the divorce proceedings and another that indicates the permanent conditions to be reached after the divorce (child`s right, access, alimony, allowance, accommodation and sharing of real estate assets). If you confirm your wish to divorce in the presence of the judge, you must confirm your wish to divorce after a trial period of three to nine months.

N.B.: This procedure can only be done if you have been married for more than six months. These provisions also apply to spouses in the event of divorce by mutual consent by a private instrument countersigned by lawyers and filed in the official records of a notary. However, the spouses cannot apply the Forum`s law, as no court has been brought. To continue the divorce by mutual agreement, there are two possibilities: only one party asks for a divorce. The other side accepts it in principle. The outgoing spouse submits to the judge, through a lawyer, an application accompanied by a statement of facts that led him to rule on the divorce. A copy of this request is served on the other party. If the other party acknowledges the facts, the judge will insert it into the minutes and send the matter to court for a final divorce decree. With regard to the annulment of communal life and the counting of accounts between a man and a woman, the spouses must turn to the notary (notary) appointed in the divorce decree.

In the case of a joint application, a list of estate property must be presented to the judge in the final application. If the divorce is pronounced on the basis of a violation of the common life, the ex-spouse may, if necessary, apply for support, up to an amount determined by the financial situation of the ex-spouse. B) Application for divorce for damage to community life: in all cases of divorce, spouses must provide all the information they and their health insurance must identify, as well as information about the services and organisations that pay them benefits or pensions or other allowances. 3. If, in the event of a violation of the common life, the party who has not applied for divorce agrees with this. In accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 1259/2010 of 20 December 2010 on the implementation of enhanced cooperation in the area of divorce and separation law, spouses can choose the law applicable to divorce or separation of bodies. If the divorce leads to moral or material damages for the “innocent” spouse, he or she may sue for damages.



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