Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement Listing

December 4, 2020 by eklose

How do I import planes from a country that does not have a bilateral agreement with the United States? In order to obtain a non-U.S. state of design aircraft in the United States, the United States and the design status must currently have a bilateral agreement with provisions on the object in question. For more information, visit Advisory Circular 21-23B. We help you explain the process and help them out and explain different business options. We are a foreign company that manufactures goods and we want to export Item X to the United States. How do I get FAA permission? Contact your foreign civil aviation authority for instructions on the certification process. There must be a bilateral aviation safety agreement between the United States and your country so that you can import your items to the United States. You can visit the Bilateral Agreements Listing website if your country has a bilateral agreement with the United States. We help you explain the process and help them out and explain different business options. IN THE CADRE OF THE RESEARCH of cooperation and efficiency in civil aviation security, BASA covers a wide range of aviation sectors, including aircraft maintenance, air operations and environmental certification.

What are bilateral agreements? What is the difference between the Bilateral Airworthiness Agreement (BAA), the Bilateral Aviation Security Agreement (BASA) and Airworthiness Implementation Procedures (IAP)? For more information on bilateral agreements and various forms of bilateral cooperation, visit the FAA Bilateral Agreements Overview page. If I have a design permit issued by the FAA for my aircraft, how can I obtain equivalent authorizations from a particular country? Requirements for the bilateral partner country: refer to the bilateral agreement applicable on the “Bilateral Agreements Listing” website to determine the scope of acceptance or approval and the validation procedures associated with it. The applicant must work through his local aircraft certification office (ACO). In addition to the new annexes, the EU and the United States have agreed to amend basA`s maintenance schedule to allow maintenance organisations from all EU member states to participate in the safety cooperation provided under the basa and to confirm the highest aviation safety standards in the EU and the supervisory function of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (ESA). 4.3. Contracting parties may seek assistance from the civil aviation authority of a third country in carrying out its prudential supervisory and supervisory functions if a party`s authorisation has been granted or renewed by an agreement or formal agreement with that third country. Which countries have bilateral agreements with the United States and where can I find those documents? The FAA website lists all countries that have bilateral agreements with the United States, CONSIDERANT that each party has established, through a long practice of technical exchanges and bilateral agreements between Canada and members of the European Community (EC), that the other party`s standards and systems for airworthiness and certification or environmental acceptance of civil aviation products are sufficiently equivalent to its own to allow for the conclusion of an agreement, 6.2.



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